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Rolling Stone India

The Indian edition of the world's greatest music magazine. Their words.

The Storytellers

Single-page site for a firm making animated training videos.


Portfolio for a multi-discipline design consultancy firm.

Rajni George

A single-page site for a freelance writer/editor.


A landing page for a self-published book of poetry.

Axis Interiors

A website and portfolio for an interior design firm.

Mano Cornuto

Everyone loves metal horns... a different one each time you refresh the page.

Indway Interiors

A corporate catalogue for a modular furniture manufacturer


A minimal portfolio for a branding and identity agency.

Pooja Pottenkulam

A portfolio for an animation film-maker, designer and illustrator.

Dry Day

A one-trick site: it tells you if it's a good day to get drunk.

Pop Flashes

A one-page portfolio for a wedding photography service.

The Name Generators

A collection of name generators for different parts of India.


A solution for those awkward pauses in conversation.